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Definition of Terms

In preparing and/or updating the Notes for various statutory plans, namely, Development Permission Area (DPA) Plans, Outline Zoning Plans (OZPs) and Development Scheme Plans, Planning Department would make reference to the Master Schedule of Notes to Statutory Plans (MSN) and make suitable changes to suit the needs of individual areas.

The MSN consists of the covering Notes on the general provisions of the OZPs; a set of user schedules which lists out the uses that are always permitted under Column 1, and uses requiring planning permission from the Board under Column 2 of the Notes for various zones; and remarks which set out the specific development restrictions and other requirements for individual zones.

To allow greater flexibility in the use of land, Broad Use Terms (BUTs) are also introduced to group uses of similar nature and planning implications together. For more systematic presentation and easy understanding, all BUTs and existing use terms are categorized into 18 groups. A set of explanatory notes and a table listing out the 18 groups of BUTs as well as the subsumed uses under each BUT are available at the Board's website for the reference of the general public. 

The MSN is intended for general reference only. It may be updated and revised from time to time. Statutory planning control applicable to individual area is stipulated in the relevant statutory plan, if any, in force for the specific area. All statutory plans currently in force are viewable from the Board's website under the Statutory Planning Portal.  In case of doubt, clarification should always be sought from the Secretariat of the Board or the Planning Information and Technical Administration Unit of the Planning Department.  Previous version of DoT (applicable only to plans which are yet to be amended/updated to incorporate the revised MSN endorsed by the Board in February 2003) could be obtained from the Board upon request.

Definitions of Terms

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