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Sha Tin, Tai Po & North District

Notice & Schedule of Amendments(if any)


Index of Representation(s) (No. of Representation(s))




Date of Hearing under Section 6B(1)


Further Representation - Notice & Schedule of Proposed Amendments


Index of Further Representer(s) (No. of Further Representation(s))


Further Representation(s)


Date of Meeting under Section 6F(1) (if any)


Confirmed Amendments - Schedule of Amendments (if any)


Confirmed Amendments - Date of Confirmation


Consideration of Further Representations
Paper -
Agenda -
Gist of Decisions -

Decision of Chief Executive in Council dated 14.5.2024
Decision Approved
Press release -
Plan -

*Remark 1: For persons who have made representation/comment in respect of the draft OZP but have not provided any contact details or those who have not received the letter from the TPB Secretariat informing them of the hearing arrangements, please contact the Secretariat (Telephone No. 2231 4810) two weeks before the hearing meeting if they wish to attend the meeting and make oral submissions. Arrangement will be made for their attendance as appropriate, subject to verification of their identity.

*Remark 2: representers, further representers, and the representative of the authorised agent (if applicable) must provide the full name and the first four alphanumeric characters shown on HKID card/passport. Otherwise, the representation/further representation submitted shall be treated as not having been made and will not be uploaded to this webpage. If you have submitted an representation/further representation but it is not shown above, please contact the Secretariat (Telephone No. 2231 4810).
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